2017 – Football Preseason Underway

2017 – Preseason Monday & Wednesdays 6.30 PM – Beaurepaires Pavilion, Oval 20, Aughtie Drive, Albert Park.

Get down to Preseason with the Albert Park ‘ Falcons’ Football & Netball Club.

Are you carrying a few extra kg after Christmas and New Years?
Have you just moved to Melbourne and looking for a new club?
Do you want to be involved with a Community Club with a great Social Atmosphere?
Get down to the Falcons for season 2017.

There are plenty of things happening both on and off the field to make season 2017 a huge success.

We look forward to seeing you all down at the ‘Nest’.



RIP – Brian Christensen

This week, The Albert Park Football & Netball Club lost one of its all time greats.  Brian Christensen sadly passed away aged 83.

Brian was a  legend of the Albert Park Falcons and was a great supporters of the club throughout all its years.

As a foundation member of the Inaugural ANZ Football Club (now Albert Park) in 1954, Brian has served as the president, committee member, inaugural reserves coach and a loyal supporter throughout the clubs history, attending every game rain, hail or shine.

In 2015 The Albert Park Football & Netball Club recognised Brian’s commitment and loyalty to the club over the years by renaming the Social Rooms in his honour.

Our thoughts and condolences are with Noelle, the family and dear friends.

Details of the funeral are posted below.

Brian is a hero of the club and we hope you will all join us in honouring his life.


Brian Christensen’s funeral will be held at 10.00am on Tuesday 20th December 2016, at St Michaels Church at the corner of Russell St and Collins St, Melbourne.

We request as many Falcons as possible to attend in black trousers and a Falcons shirt, to show support to Noelle and the family, that has given so much to the club.

A Tipple with Tails – Nick Materia

A tipple with Nick Materia

Name: Nick Materia
Falcon Age 1st year
Previous Club Old Brighton


TW: Nickname?

NM: Showtime haha. Picked it up a few years back at my old club.


NM: Funny story actually. I was planning on heading down to Powerhouse where a mate of mine was playing. I did some research and decided I much preferred the Falcons colours.

TW: Wasn’t really a funny story. Favourite position?

NM: Full Forward – one out in the square.

TW: Any talent in any other sport

NM: Absolutely not.

TW: Biggest difference between APFC and your previous club?

NM: APFC does very well with limited resources. One of the main things is that is that AFPC is very player driven. The president and committee are all players so lines of communication are direct to the players. Plus, it helps when putting pressure on players to pay subs…

TW: Player who rates their looks most at the club?

NM: Without question, Michael Brannelly

TW: Player who talks the most smack during the game? Who’s got the best trash talk?

NM: He’s not actually a player but it’s definitely has to be Physio Tim More. He’s straight up trash talking from the boundary line every week… so good.

TW: Your favourite song to sing karaoke to?

NM: Summer of ’69

TW: You’re down at the club with a couple of interesting cats. Talk to us about Simon. He talks a big game, but we really haven’t seen too much of him yet? Can he back up all his self-given hype?

NM: Believe it or not, I actually arrived at the club not knowing anyone. It was like a few strays who were drawn to each other. Simon Dewey (Wolfie) talks very big game, I feel he could be our X-Factor come September.

TW: And what about the other partner of the trio, Stewart – is it true that he potentially looked to retire when he was told he needed to go back to the two’s to get a bit of form?

NM: You can’t blame the selectors, he arrived drunk to training after Uni. I’d imagine Stu will be back in the seniors in no time.

TW: We don’t hear a lot from you, you seem to get under the radar a bit. Are you really as nice as the image you’re projecting to be?

NM: Like to keep a low profile and go about my business. I’m pretty quiet during the week but Saturdays are my release. Nothing better than that feeling on a Saturday after a win with the boys…

TW: Finally, The Falcs. Where do you see the Falcs come years end?

NM: Bound for Glory. Too much hard work and sacrifice has gone into this season for it not to be a successful one. The club has been starved of success and you can see everyone in and around the club trying so hard to change that, it’s great to see and I want to be a part of something special…

A Tipple with Tails – Nate Dunne

Nate Dunne

Name: Nate Dunne
Nickname: Dunney
Date of Birth: 03/02/1988
Hometown Brisbane


TW: What’s the reason for crossing football codes?

ND: Assimilating into the Southerners

TW: Time spent abroad?

ND: Lived and worked in the US for about a year. Other than that a few sneaky Asian adventures.

TW: Favourite pizza topping?

ND: Hot salami!

TW: Last person at the footy club you’d be stranded with on an island?

ND: Marshy… Pest!

TW: Congratulations on your (relatively) recent engagement to the wonderful Lauren. Tell us, how did the two of you meet?

ND: Around 1am in a backpackers in the Brisbane Valley… Birdie num num’s.

TW: Lauren’s best quality?

ND: Heard she’s a great cook, but still waiting to see this.

TW: And her most annoying habit?

ND: Claiming she’s a great cook.

TW: YOUR most annoying habit?

ND: Massive procrastinator… I think it took me a while to sort these questions out

TW: Back to your football… Congratulations on your appointment of co-captain for the 2016 season. What do you think is your best contribution to the team?

ND: Probably my efforts from round 2-4. True team man.

TW: And over to your co-captain, what are three words to describe Scotty?

ND: Don’t. Be. Scared!

TW: What about your coach, Sean Lewis. We all know that he’s loud, obnoxious and a know-it-all, but how would you describe his game day manner?

ND: A mixture between two fine albert park coaches – Payney and Schmerles

TW: Where you see the Falcon Reserves at the end of the season?

ND: Soaring to success!

A Tipple with Tails – Paul Shopee

Paul Shopee

Name: Paul Shopee
Nickname: Shops
Age: None of your business
Role Assistant Coach


TW: When did you first arrive at the club?

PS: 1986

TW: Were any of the current players even born then?

PS: I wouldn’t have thought so, it was 30-odd years ago. Or, maybe smokes the old fossil.

TW: And maybe H, he’s pretty old?

PS: Yeah, good point, he is pretty old, isn’t he?

TW: He’s about 50 isn’t he?

PS: Well… he looks about 50.

TW: Now to the golden days… favourite on field memory?

PS: My first kick in senior footy was a goal, the next a point and then I reckon I kicked another seven or so for the next 270 games.

TW: Favourite off field memory?

PS: Obviously the eighteen or so footy trips I’ve been on, also the weekend after we won the flag in 2002, the Saturday night, the Monday night, the Tuesday night- slept in the car the entire time. I had to go home because I was offending myself.

TW: So we’ve seen a few sponsors roll through the club over the years, we used to be the ANZ Social Club, but just out of interest, what or who has been your favourite sponsor of the club?

PS: That would have to be the Palmerston Hotel.

TW: Get a parmi at the Palmy?

PS: That wasn’t the catch cry then, but it was just a dive of a joint which we could go back to after the doors were locked at the club.

TW: Most annoying player at the club?

PS: Now, or over the last 32 years? I’d have to say Aydan.

TW: Favourite thing on a pizza?

PS: Egg.

TW: Let’s talk about these comments that you made on the weekend. “Bernie pitching a tent in the centre square”… what exactly were you on about?

PS: It pretty much meant that he set himself up in the centre- with no instruction he sat himself in there. Having said that, I thought he was very good, particularly connecting the back line through to the forwards. He was a good connector.

TW: And then to the other that tickled my interest, something about Sean Lewis’ chariot breaking down… care to explain?

PS: Well… a chariot is going back to the Roman times, it was what we used to get around in. Self-explanatory, surely as a teacher you could have worked that out

TW: On a serious note, why do you love the Falcons so much?

PS: It’s quite simple, just a great club. First coming down as a 19 year old, being welcomed down from the very first training night. Everyone’s here because they love their footy, love having a kick. We’ve never had the ultimate success either, it’s another thing that drives me to come down and support the club. I’ve being doing it for 32 years now, so I’d hate for it to be the 33rd year where I didn’t and the boys finally tasted the fruits of success. I’ll probably be here forever anyway.

TW: And so where do you see the Falcs at the end of season 2016?

PS: I think it’s an open season. If we keep improving the way we are, and work towards what we need to improve in, we’ll see ourselves peaking at the right time. Our tackling is definitely our barometer and like what we saw last week and today, we’re in for a red hot crack!

A Tipple with Tails – Nicole Sage

Nicole Sage

Name: Nicole Sage
Position: GD or GK
Age: 31
Height Pretty tall


TW: Preferred position on court?


TW: We need to talk about your partner Will. Having just become newly engaged, congratulations by the way, I want to know where and how did your first date go?

NS: We went to Ghurkhas on Chapel St. It went well, although I did have second thoughts when I think he farted at the table, but I pretended not to notice.

TW: He’s also quite an angry man. Do you share any of the same traits as him on the court?

NS: No. I don’t think so… or maybe, I do get really into a game, particularly if it’s a really close game, but I don’t think I get as aggressive as Will.

TW: Back to netball… Worst injury seen?

NS: One particular memory stands out, was when a good friend of mine broke her ankle, netball’s a tough game you know.

TW: Fondest moment?

NS: Not fondest per se, but I distinctly remember our under 13’s semi-final in which we tied at the end of the game, but unfortunately lost in extra time, it was my first taste of defeat, something that I quickly learnt to dislike.

TW: And now to the footy club. Favourite theme night attended?

NS: Last year’s season launch night- the college/ frat house themed night, that was fun. Especially the beer pong and everyone getting dressed up and looking the part.

TW: Three words to describe the gala event of the club, the Auction night?

NS: Glamourous, fun and messy.

TW: A piece of advice to survive a night at the club?

NS: Expect the unexpected and just embrace what it is – a lot of fun.


Sponsor a Falcon today!

For Season 2017 we are asking all players to assist us in obtaining ongoing support from local businesses and/or families and friends.
Your contribution will go a long way to ensure the Albert Park Football & Netball Club continues to operate as a community HUB for local players, members and loyal supporters.  As an active sponsor of the club, you will be welcomed into the Falcon ‘Nest’ where you will have the opportunity to relax and enjoyment the Family Friendly atmosphere and spectacle that is the Albert Park Falcons.

We look forward to your support for Season 2017.

The 2017 Player Sponsorship Packages are outlined below.

Tier 1 – Player Sponsorship Cost: $500.00
Pick out one of your favourite players, or a friend or family member in the team. Support them, and promote your business and/or family name.
Package Benefits
1 X Framed sponsored player and company/family name in club room
1 X Framed sponsored player and company/family name for you to display at your business or home
Recognition of sponsorship in falcons emails
Business Exposure on falcons website and social media pages
1 X Club Social Membership Package
1 X Entry in Reverse Raffle ($2,000.00 Draw)
2 X Ticket to Sponsors Day Function
Invitation to all 2017 APFNC Major functions
Tier 2 – Player Sponsorship Cost: $250.00
Pick out one of your favourite players, or a friend or family member in the team.   Support them, and promote your business and/or family name.
Package Benefits
1 X Framed sponsored player and company/family name in club room
Recognition of sponsorship in falcons emails
Business Exposure on falcons website and social media pages
1 X Club Social Membership Package
2 X Ticket to Sponsors Day Function
Invitation to all 2017 APFNC Major functions
Tier 3 – Player Sponsorship Cost: $125.00
Pick out one of your favourite players, or a friend or family member in the team.   Support them, and promote your business and/or family name.
Package Benefits
1 X Framed sponsored player and company/family name in club room
Recognition of sponsorship in falcons emails
Business Exposure on falcons website and social media pages
Invitation to all 2017 APFNC Major functions
  • Purchase your player sponsorship here:
    Download Player Sponsor Form Here
    We thankyou for your support and look forward to seeing you down at the Nest for Season 2017.

A Tipple with Tails – Bernie Coghlan

Tipple banner

Name: Bernie Coghlan
Position: Midfielder
Age: 32
Hairstyle Balding


TW: Favourite cocktail?

BC: Expresso Martini

TW: Self-described playing style?

BC: Jeez, you ask the hard questions… I’d have to say, Defensive Full Forward.

TW: Self-described after dark playing style?

BC: I don’t know if I’d say this, but I reckon a few around the club would say it would be that I don’t know when enough is enough

TW: Best bloke at the club?

BC: If I didn’t say Jack Amies, I’d have to hear about it for the rest of the season… so I’d have to say Nathan Cattle.

TW: And the worst bloke at the club?

BC: Easy. Smokes.

TW: Most memorable on-field memory?

BC: Apart from the 2006 GF win at Old Mentonians, it would have to be the last two minutes of a game against Aquinas. We’re down by 3pts, ball comes into the forward 40, it spills out from a marking contest, I go to crumb the ball, and then Steve “Two-Cuts” Campbell comes out of nowhere and kicks me in the leg. Rendered helpless, laying there on the ground, the rest of the team, compassionate as ever, start yelling at me to get off the ground as there was no time on. I think I remember you also had a bit of a severe injury that day… didn’t you snap your achilles, but manage to play the next week?

TW: We won’t talk about that… After all, this is all about you isn’t it? Best rev-up from a coach?

BC: That would easily have to be from the revered 2015 Reserves Coach, Schmerls. The Mighty Ducks, fly together speech would certainly be up there

TW: And the worst?

BC: Schmerls, every other time.

TW: As a teacher, what’s the one thing that your students do that shits you up the wall, but you do yourself as a player?

BC: That would have to be not listening to instructions. For future reference, coaches need to keep it short, sharp and most of all for the benefit of our big men, simple.

TW: Finally, where do you see the #flyingfalcons sitting at the end of the 2016 season?

BC: Airlie Beach


Pre-season Wrap

Pre-season is almost done and dusted, less than 2 weeks to go before our first match of the season!

At the start of the year we set you the task of identifying areas for improvement and challenged the playing group to want to improve, as coaches we have been wrapped with the effort and commitment from all players in improving as individuals and as a group. We have averaged over 40 players per training session since early February and had around 60 players training consistently over the same period which sets us up for a great season with depth and competition for spots.

You have probably noticed a shift in training from a fitness focus to a game plan and structure focus which is critical in helping establish how we will play this year. We will continue this focus in the lead up to Round 1 so it is important that you all make the most of the 3 remaining training session and the camp next weekend. Speaking about the camp, all players are expected to come to camp like we have said all preseason, it is understood that Family and Work come first but you must talk to us coaches if you are not attending.

We have now played all our practice matches and have got a real good gauge on where we are at and where our strengths and weaknesses are while also getting to see you all play in different positions.

Game 1 vs Eley Park

Reserves: The reserves had a good hit out in the first 2 quarters against the Sharks piling on 5 early goals and really controlling the game against an opposition made up of a mixture of seniors and reserves. The real positives from the game was the clear improvement in skills and our willingness to run and support each other. Overall it was a good game to blow the rust out and get a good hitout under our belts.

Seniors: With 6 quarter practice matches it can, at times, be hard to gauge how the teams match up against each other. The 3 quarters that the seniors played was a strong showing by the group. While still learning what is wanted at stoppages, our positioning at the kickins was good and we controlled this part of the game well. As a group we need to be more team aware and put ourselves in a position to protect our teammates when they are going for the ball.

Game 2 vs Yarra Valley

Reserves: Playing 2nd and up against a higher ranking team with a mix of seniors and reserves really made for a tough challenge for the ressies when combined with the fading light the bushrangers got a quick jump but after adjusting to the conditions and settling we played some really solid football, setting up around the stoppages reasonably well and moving the ball to the hot spot with speed. It was great to see many guys asked to play in different position really make the best of the opportunities against a good opposition.

Seniors: The Yarra boys started very well and showed us a clean set of heels as we continued to play from behind and watched the game instead of being involved. After the 1st quarter we lifted our tempo and applied good pressure at the contest to restrict Yarra’a ability to get a free run as they did in the 1st quarter. While their ball movement was good, our backline worked very well together and stopped most of their attacks. Our kicking into the forward line was poor and cost us on the scoreboard. Overall, we were really pleased with the attack on the ball and the opposition as we got on top in the last 2 quarters.

Game 3 vs Box Hill North

Reserves: Armed with a big bench and plenty of enthusiasm we jumped out of the blocks with some really quick and strong play giving us a 9 goals to 1 opening quarter, this was probably our best quarter of the preseason and really highlighted how effective the clubs new game plan and style can be when we execute it. The next 2 quarters we slipped a little in our standards set in the first quarter but it was a great learning experience for the group to really focus on how we have to treat each quarter as a fresh start and not let our focus slip. Overall it was a great game to have 3 full quarters and to play with speed and confidence putting trust in our teammates and building confidence in our gameplan.

Seniors: In this game we kicked against the breeze in 2 out of 3 quarters and kicked 4 goals in each of those quarters and 8 goals with the breeze. Clearly BHN were down in numbers but our attack on the ball had again improved from the previous week and the work of our small forwards was pleasing as they kicked 10 out of our 16 goals. Strong work around the pack was good but we need to have more players’ getting front and centre all around the ground. The run and receive was good and will only get better with more talk and confidence in each other. We still have to be more aware of our positioning at stoppages around the ground and at ball ups. This can improve quickly if the onballers learn the positions they have to be in and talk with each other on field to make sure the structure is correct. Yes boys that’s mean TALK!

Overall across the 3 games both teams played well and really tried to adhere to the structures and game plan which was fantastic to see from a coaching perspective while our skills were greatly improved. We still have work to do on improving our set ups when around kicking in and defending kick in’s, ensuring we structure up correctly around a stoppage and a big improvement is needed in our voice on the field.

We look forward to seeing you all at training and at the camp as we continue our journey for this season. If we all keep putting in the efforts as a team then we will all enjoy success as a team together.

Alan Sutherland
Paul Shoppee
Sean Lewis