A Tipple with Tails – Bernie Coghlan

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Name: Bernie Coghlan
Position: Midfielder
Age: 32
Hairstyle Balding


TW: Favourite cocktail?

BC: Expresso Martini

TW: Self-described playing style?

BC: Jeez, you ask the hard questions… I’d have to say, Defensive Full Forward.

TW: Self-described after dark playing style?

BC: I don’t know if I’d say this, but I reckon a few around the club would say it would be that I don’t know when enough is enough

TW: Best bloke at the club?

BC: If I didn’t say Jack Amies, I’d have to hear about it for the rest of the season… so I’d have to say Nathan Cattle.

TW: And the worst bloke at the club?

BC: Easy. Smokes.

TW: Most memorable on-field memory?

BC: Apart from the 2006 GF win at Old Mentonians, it would have to be the last two minutes of a game against Aquinas. We’re down by 3pts, ball comes into the forward 40, it spills out from a marking contest, I go to crumb the ball, and then Steve “Two-Cuts” Campbell comes out of nowhere and kicks me in the leg. Rendered helpless, laying there on the ground, the rest of the team, compassionate as ever, start yelling at me to get off the ground as there was no time on. I think I remember you also had a bit of a severe injury that day… didn’t you snap your achilles, but manage to play the next week?

TW: We won’t talk about that… After all, this is all about you isn’t it? Best rev-up from a coach?

BC: That would easily have to be from the revered 2015 Reserves Coach, Schmerls. The Mighty Ducks, fly together speech would certainly be up there

TW: And the worst?

BC: Schmerls, every other time.

TW: As a teacher, what’s the one thing that your students do that shits you up the wall, but you do yourself as a player?

BC: That would have to be not listening to instructions. For future reference, coaches need to keep it short, sharp and most of all for the benefit of our big men, simple.

TW: Finally, where do you see the #flyingfalcons sitting at the end of the 2016 season?

BC: Airlie Beach