A Tipple with Tails – Nate Dunne

Nate Dunne

Name: Nate Dunne
Nickname: Dunney
Date of Birth: 03/02/1988
Hometown Brisbane


TW: What’s the reason for crossing football codes?

ND: Assimilating into the Southerners

TW: Time spent abroad?

ND: Lived and worked in the US for about a year. Other than that a few sneaky Asian adventures.

TW: Favourite pizza topping?

ND: Hot salami!

TW: Last person at the footy club you’d be stranded with on an island?

ND: Marshy… Pest!

TW: Congratulations on your (relatively) recent engagement to the wonderful Lauren. Tell us, how did the two of you meet?

ND: Around 1am in a backpackers in the Brisbane Valley… Birdie num num’s.

TW: Lauren’s best quality?

ND: Heard she’s a great cook, but still waiting to see this.

TW: And her most annoying habit?

ND: Claiming she’s a great cook.

TW: YOUR most annoying habit?

ND: Massive procrastinator… I think it took me a while to sort these questions out

TW: Back to your football… Congratulations on your appointment of co-captain for the 2016 season. What do you think is your best contribution to the team?

ND: Probably my efforts from round 2-4. True team man.

TW: And over to your co-captain, what are three words to describe Scotty?

ND: Don’t. Be. Scared!

TW: What about your coach, Sean Lewis. We all know that he’s loud, obnoxious and a know-it-all, but how would you describe his game day manner?

ND: A mixture between two fine albert park coaches – Payney and Schmerles

TW: Where you see the Falcon Reserves at the end of the season?

ND: Soaring to success!