A Tipple with Tails – Nick Materia

A tipple with Nick Materia

Name: Nick Materia
Falcon Age 1st year
Previous Club Old Brighton


TW: Nickname?

NM: Showtime haha. Picked it up a few years back at my old club.


NM: Funny story actually. I was planning on heading down to Powerhouse where a mate of mine was playing. I did some research and decided I much preferred the Falcons colours.

TW: Wasn’t really a funny story. Favourite position?

NM: Full Forward – one out in the square.

TW: Any talent in any other sport

NM: Absolutely not.

TW: Biggest difference between APFC and your previous club?

NM: APFC does very well with limited resources. One of the main things is that is that AFPC is very player driven. The president and committee are all players so lines of communication are direct to the players. Plus, it helps when putting pressure on players to pay subs…

TW: Player who rates their looks most at the club?

NM: Without question, Michael Brannelly

TW: Player who talks the most smack during the game? Who’s got the best trash talk?

NM: He’s not actually a player but it’s definitely has to be Physio Tim More. He’s straight up trash talking from the boundary line every week… so good.

TW: Your favourite song to sing karaoke to?

NM: Summer of ’69

TW: You’re down at the club with a couple of interesting cats. Talk to us about Simon. He talks a big game, but we really haven’t seen too much of him yet? Can he back up all his self-given hype?

NM: Believe it or not, I actually arrived at the club not knowing anyone. It was like a few strays who were drawn to each other. Simon Dewey (Wolfie) talks very big game, I feel he could be our X-Factor come September.

TW: And what about the other partner of the trio, Stewart – is it true that he potentially looked to retire when he was told he needed to go back to the two’s to get a bit of form?

NM: You can’t blame the selectors, he arrived drunk to training after Uni. I’d imagine Stu will be back in the seniors in no time.

TW: We don’t hear a lot from you, you seem to get under the radar a bit. Are you really as nice as the image you’re projecting to be?

NM: Like to keep a low profile and go about my business. I’m pretty quiet during the week but Saturdays are my release. Nothing better than that feeling on a Saturday after a win with the boys…

TW: Finally, The Falcs. Where do you see the Falcs come years end?

NM: Bound for Glory. Too much hard work and sacrifice has gone into this season for it not to be a successful one. The club has been starved of success and you can see everyone in and around the club trying so hard to change that, it’s great to see and I want to be a part of something special…