A Tipple with Tails – Nicole Sage

Nicole Sage

Name: Nicole Sage
Position: GD or GK
Age: 31
Height Pretty tall


TW: Preferred position on court?


TW: We need to talk about your partner Will. Having just become newly engaged, congratulations by the way, I want to know where and how did your first date go?

NS: We went to Ghurkhas on Chapel St. It went well, although I did have second thoughts when I think he farted at the table, but I pretended not to notice.

TW: He’s also quite an angry man. Do you share any of the same traits as him on the court?

NS: No. I don’t think so… or maybe, I do get really into a game, particularly if it’s a really close game, but I don’t think I get as aggressive as Will.

TW: Back to netball… Worst injury seen?

NS: One particular memory stands out, was when a good friend of mine broke her ankle, netball’s a tough game you know.

TW: Fondest moment?

NS: Not fondest per se, but I distinctly remember our under 13’s semi-final in which we tied at the end of the game, but unfortunately lost in extra time, it was my first taste of defeat, something that I quickly learnt to dislike.

TW: And now to the footy club. Favourite theme night attended?

NS: Last year’s season launch night- the college/ frat house themed night, that was fun. Especially the beer pong and everyone getting dressed up and looking the part.

TW: Three words to describe the gala event of the club, the Auction night?

NS: Glamourous, fun and messy.

TW: A piece of advice to survive a night at the club?

NS: Expect the unexpected and just embrace what it is – a lot of fun.