A Tipple with Tails – Paul Shopee

Paul Shopee

Name: Paul Shopee
Nickname: Shops
Age: None of your business
Role Assistant Coach


TW: When did you first arrive at the club?

PS: 1986

TW: Were any of the current players even born then?

PS: I wouldn’t have thought so, it was 30-odd years ago. Or, maybe smokes the old fossil.

TW: And maybe H, he’s pretty old?

PS: Yeah, good point, he is pretty old, isn’t he?

TW: He’s about 50 isn’t he?

PS: Well… he looks about 50.

TW: Now to the golden days… favourite on field memory?

PS: My first kick in senior footy was a goal, the next a point and then I reckon I kicked another seven or so for the next 270 games.

TW: Favourite off field memory?

PS: Obviously the eighteen or so footy trips I’ve been on, also the weekend after we won the flag in 2002, the Saturday night, the Monday night, the Tuesday night- slept in the car the entire time. I had to go home because I was offending myself.

TW: So we’ve seen a few sponsors roll through the club over the years, we used to be the ANZ Social Club, but just out of interest, what or who has been your favourite sponsor of the club?

PS: That would have to be the Palmerston Hotel.

TW: Get a parmi at the Palmy?

PS: That wasn’t the catch cry then, but it was just a dive of a joint which we could go back to after the doors were locked at the club.

TW: Most annoying player at the club?

PS: Now, or over the last 32 years? I’d have to say Aydan.

TW: Favourite thing on a pizza?

PS: Egg.

TW: Let’s talk about these comments that you made on the weekend. “Bernie pitching a tent in the centre square”… what exactly were you on about?

PS: It pretty much meant that he set himself up in the centre- with no instruction he sat himself in there. Having said that, I thought he was very good, particularly connecting the back line through to the forwards. He was a good connector.

TW: And then to the other that tickled my interest, something about Sean Lewis’ chariot breaking down… care to explain?

PS: Well… a chariot is going back to the Roman times, it was what we used to get around in. Self-explanatory, surely as a teacher you could have worked that out

TW: On a serious note, why do you love the Falcons so much?

PS: It’s quite simple, just a great club. First coming down as a 19 year old, being welcomed down from the very first training night. Everyone’s here because they love their footy, love having a kick. We’ve never had the ultimate success either, it’s another thing that drives me to come down and support the club. I’ve being doing it for 32 years now, so I’d hate for it to be the 33rd year where I didn’t and the boys finally tasted the fruits of success. I’ll probably be here forever anyway.

TW: And so where do you see the Falcs at the end of season 2016?

PS: I think it’s an open season. If we keep improving the way we are, and work towards what we need to improve in, we’ll see ourselves peaking at the right time. Our tackling is definitely our barometer and like what we saw last week and today, we’re in for a red hot crack!