Flown the Nest – Brendan Lonergan

Brendan Lonergan

When did you play for the Falcons?
2016 – 2017

Position played?
2016, mainly in the middle. 2017, mainly on the bench with Lucas.

Favourite position?


Why did you come down to the Mighty Falcons Nest?
Close to home at the time and I thought someone with my unique talent and explosive pace would dominate VAFA Div 3.

Who were the coaches you have had in your time at the club and can you tell us a bit about each of them?
2016 Alan Sutherland – He loved to spray the playing group. His expectations didn’t meet our abilities though.
2017 Shoppes – Most passionate Falcon without a doubt. He did love a pre-game talk and although I was listening to shoppes during the pre-game talks, I would  enjoy staring at Gatesy and seeing the regret in his eyes as he would ponder the 15 pints he had the night before and question why he played footy every Saturday. (I would also just admire those blonde curls)

Can you give us a few of your highlights both on and off the field since being at the club?
On field highlights – any game I played with Thurls.
Off field – Milo with Thurls

What are some of the nicknames you have had during your time at the club, and where did they come from?
Brendo & Lonners

Greatest player you have seen (played with) pull on the mighty Red and Blue?

Greatest Falcons team you have been involved with?

Greatest victory you have been involved with?
2016 final round, beating UHS-VU. Great end to the year and it should have been the end to my illustrious career too.

Most memorable player you have played with?
Brodes – never seen a bloke adjust their fringe as much as he did. Rain hail or shine that fringe had to be right!

What would you say were your strengths and weaknesses of your game?
Strengths – Hard to talk about myself to be honest. But I think it would be fair to say I had the best right leg at the club the two years I was there.
Weakness – Passion, weight and hairline.

What are you doing now?
SFA (Sweet F*** All for those playing at home)

What is your greatest memory from your time with the Falcons?
2017 Silly Sunday