Flown the Nest – Brett Little

Brett Little

When did you play for the Falcons?
2009 – 2015

Position played?
Played everywhere really, back, forward, wing, on ball…

Favourite position?


Why did you come down to the Mighty Falcons Nest?
Moved to Melbourne and was looking for a club…

Who were the coaches you have had in your time at the club and can you tell us a bit about each of them?
Nathan Dallas: Great coach and great footballer. We had an amazing group at that time and almost got the job done in 2009.
Paul Shoppee: Had some ripping speeches at the breaks!
Shaun Robinson (2s): Absolute pest!

Can you give us a few of your highlights both on and off the field since being at the club?
On field probably my first year at the club was the best in 2009, played most of the year but unfortunately missed out on finals, closest we’ve been to a flag in my time.
Off the field would have to be the trip to Europe with the boys after 2009 footy trip. Some great times had there!! The other highlight would be Shaun Hayes beating Maunder for the 2009 best & fairest… that was pretty satisfying

What are some of the nicknames you have had during your time at the club, and where did they come from?
Brittle – I did get injured a couple of times, I think Hammo the fool started this one.

Greatest player you have seen (played with) pull on the mighty Red and Blue?
Without a doubt Tom King, he could do it all, took the big marks and kicked a lot of goals.

Greatest Falcons team you have been involved with?
2009 by far.

Greatest victory you have been involved with?
There have been a few good comebacks that spring to mind… 30-40 points down against South Mornington in the 2s and came back for the win, I hit up beamer for the winning goal – he doesn’t usually kick them straight when I hit him up but this time he was on. Similar against Northern Blues we came back from a similar margin

Most memorable player you have played with?
Would be Tom King as I said above, he was a star and made a massive difference to the side when he was in

What would you say were your strengths and weaknesses of your game?
Strength was always the left slipper, weakness was probably fitness at times and ability to stay on the park injury wise.

What are you doing now?
I’m in the Finance team at Mars Confectionery, and occasional umpire for the Falcs!

What is your greatest memory from your time with the Falcons?
Easily the crew that was down at the club through that successful period from 2009… made plenty of lifelong friends through the club during that time