Flown the Nest – Marc Hammond


When did you play for the Falcons?
2011 – 2017

Position played?
They would hide me in post places

Favourite position?
Loose in the backline against a bottom placed side at home on Oval 20.



Why did you come down to the Mighty Falcons Nest?
Group of us moved into the area, got a map out (we used maps in those days) and found that Albert Park was in the middle of where we all lived. I actually pushed for Elsternwick as I was living there at the time which would have been a massive sliding doors moment as we hate those c#$ts.

Who were the coaches you have had in your time at the club and can you tell us a bit about each of them?
Started with Shops and there isn’t much that hasn’t been said about him but my favourite quote was something along the lines of “It’s like fucking your sister, it’s a root, but it’s your sister”… no idea what he was talking about. Also had Robbo who tried his hardest but he had no clue, no idea how he got us into the finals but I know it was my two missed goals that cost us the game. Sorry Robbo. Worse one was a bloke called Tony who didn’t know anyones name… needless to say he didn’t last long.

Can you give us a few of your highlights both on and off the field since being at the club?
In my career there were more highlights off the field. I think Mad Monday’s in the early days were done really well. Started off at Checkers in Port Melbourne and ended at Beamers Pub… those were good times.

What are some of the nicknames you have had during your time at the club, and where did they come from?
Hammo and Sarge was my pen name for the greatest every publication, the infamous Bugle.

Greatest player you have seen (played with) pull on the mighty Red and Blue?
Seen a heap of guns but being in the Scooby Doo’s the best I’d played with was probably Robbie Sloan.. still can’t believe that bloke didn’t make AFL.

Greatest Falcons team you have been involved with?
Can’t quite remember the year but the reserves team that made the finals. Lost against UHS, and as mentioned earlier I had my head split open and was concussed but Robbo put me back out there and I shanked two kicks directly in front in the space of 10 minutes. Probably cost us the game.

Greatest victory you have been involved with?
My last game I played before I moved to London was against La Trobe, we would always get touched up on their massive ground but we ended up winning as I put myself forward in the last 10 minutes and kicked 2 goals, we won by 5 points.

Most memorable player you have played with?
As a backman I loved my full backs the most as I hated playing full back, again as I mentioned I use to love to float around without a player. So guys like Doc, Gellie, Phil Marks and Will Ransom were my favourties.

What would you say were your strengths and weaknesses of your game?
I feel like this is my review? My strength was clearly my voice and my ability to sledge opposition players. My weaknesses were everything else.

What are you doing now?
The run my own recruitment company, Amida Recruitment (current sponsor) – www.amida-recruit.com

What is your greatest memory from your time with the Falcons?
Footy trip the year my Saints were in a drawn Grand Final. I can’t remember a thing about the replay as we’d had a decent crack the night before on the Gold Coast. It was pissing down so we ended up having a lock in at one of our rooms (nice high rise accommodation). I can’t really say anything more but grab me next time I’m down at the club and I’ll finish the story.