Flown the Nest – Nathan Cattle

Nathan Cattle

When did you play for the Falcons?
2012 – 2016

Position played?
Utility – Full forward, midfield, half back

Favourite position?
Full forward….. but mostly played half back



Why did you come down to the Mighty Falcons Nest?
I moved over from the west and was working with “The Cu” who brought me down for a kick

Who were the coaches you have had in your time at the club and can you tell us a bit about each of them?
Nath Dallas – sharp blue eyes – good hard player – welcomed me down the club
Oop – good fella with his 2 x side kicks Dog and …. – thought he was going to have a heart attack most games
Payney – bold and vertically challenged – the major liked making us run – also enjoyed a frothie
Alan Sutherland – interesting character – knew his footy

Can you give us a few of your highlights both on and off the field since being at the club?
Timmy More – every training and game I made it too – love that man.

Party Joel had just moved over and wasn’t yet playing for us, he came down and I said I’d kick a goal for him (back in the day when Oop used to swing me forward) – I kicked 3 and pointed to him after – it was really great.

Playing the Blues at their home game – we were on a roll winning a number of games in a row, they were top of the table (from memory), we beat them by less than a kick. The last play was them kicking it into the forward 50 and I spoiled it against their full forward who was supposedly a reasonable player – didn’t get a kick that day – I copped a bit of flack for icing the golden fist after the game

Airlie Beach footy trip.

What are some of the nicknames you have had during your time at the club, and where did they come from?
Cattle, Yards (these ones should be obvious), The Better Cattle (a direct comparison between me and my brother), Legend, Great Man (I’m sure I’ve heard these ones in my direction whilst at the club).

Greatest player you have seen (played with) pull on the mighty Red and Blue?
Bricky…… closely followed by Blizzard (when fit and can see)

Greatest Falcons team you have been involved with?
The year we made the finals under Payney

Greatest victory you have been involved with?
Same year under Payney when we beat the top of the table blues at their home game by less than a straight kick to make a winning streak of I can’t remember how many (maybe 6 or 7?)

Most memorable player you have played with?
Most memorable bloke at the club has to be Timmy More – player prob Milky because he is very annoying (but also a very clean player)

What would you say were your strengths and weaknesses of your game?
Strengths – hard at the footy, reading the play, motivating, man love.
Weaknesses – fitness, body.

What are you doing now?
We have our own business so working a little too much – Didee and I have a young family – unfortunately not too much exercise!

What is your greatest memory from your time with the Falcons?
Great mates, always an inclusive group and playing with some west aussie legends in the same side including the little bro – Smokes, Party Joel, Tyson along with all you other legends