Flown the Nest – Shaun Robinson

Shaun “Robbo” Robinson

When did you play for the Falcons?
Started in 2002. Continued till early 2005 before heading to the UK. Came back to the Falcs in 2009. Retired in 2016. Coached the Reserves from 2012 to 2014.

Position played?
Back Pocket.

Favourite position?
 That’s a bit personal.


Why did you come down?
Mates from college we’re playing there, I went to a party and got bombarded by Falcons so I didn’t really have a choice.

Tell us a bit about your coaches?
Had plenty. Horse Ahern was a brilliant motivator and you’d run through shellfire if he told you to. One of my two favourite coaches of my sporting life. Could have had success at much higher levels without a doubt.
Shops was responsible for moving me from Wing to Back Pocket and showed a lot of faith.
Pete Smith was a champion bloke and a gutsy and courageous leader and a favourite teammate of mine.
Nathan Dallas took the club to another level in terms of training and a more professional approach. And those eyes, Jesus he’s a good looking bloke.

On field highlights?
Playing finals was always amazing, as we played on VFL grounds like Kramer Street and Box Hill City Oval. Wins over Werribee Districts away and finals in 2002 and 2003 were awesome. I also loved floating down from the back pocket and sneaking the odd goal.

Off-field highlights?
Mad Monday’s on Bay Street and the house party at mine in 2003 where we drained two kegs rate highly. After game festivities at the Marquee Club starring Chambo, Payney, Cheetah and Shmozzle we’re pretty special in their own right.

Robbo and Little Robbo. Craig Roberton at Full Back got seniority due to his larger stature and one eyebrow.

Greatest Players?

Andre Domingo was a contested ball animal and his injury in 2002 cost us the double-chance.
Nathan Dallas was a class above. A bit like Scott Pendlebury, time stood still when Dallas had the pill. Could be the speed, the skills or those bloody eyes. Absolutely mesmerising in everything he did.
Rex McClennan was my backline buddy and an absolute rock. Could take a small if he had to, but beautiful skills for a key defender and made his own beer. Champion.
But for consistency of performance, importance to the team and dedication to his craft I can’t go past Sean Allen. I loved running down the crowd and hitting Slugger on the tit or sitting it up and watching him out-mark three taller opponents. Hands like a vice and the bloke I’d want kicking a goal in the boundary to save my life.

Greatest team you were involved with?
2002 and 2003 senior team was the best side I played in. 2002 we lost the Prelim by 7 points. Gave them a six goal head start and fell just short. 2003 we lost Chambo, Slugger and Big Robbo before half time. Devastating. Both games still haunt me. Winning a flag with that group would have been amazing.

Greatest victory?
Round 1 2010, our first game in D3 under Nath Dallas. 5 goals down against Ivanhoe and we got over the line. My first game with my great mate Tommy King too. I even hit him laces out for him to slit one late in the game to get us within a kick. 2002 1st Semi vs North Brunswick. We lost home and away to them but we were ten goals up at half time. Horse put on some tags and we got all the key moves right. They were assholes so that was a special day in the September sun at Kramer Street.

Most memorable player?
I’ll never forget Sean Allen’s 115 odd goals in about 17 games in 2003. Amazing to be in a team with a player who was so dominant.

Strengths and weaknesses?
I was very quick, fit and had nice foot skills, which suited my role in taking the opposition resting rovers. They’d want a breather but I’d take off as soon as we won possession. Greatest weakness was my skinny, horrible frame. Knocked off the ball too easily, especially in practise matches when I came into contact with Handsome’s massive ass.

What are you doing now?
Financial Controller at VSA Group, a Road Surfacing business working through regional Victoria.

Greatest memory?
Qualifying Final at Box Hill City Oval in 2003. My housemate Harps was the senior ruckman and he kicked a goal, then reminded me that we now all square in our personal battle of 3 goals each for the year. A little while later I managed to sneak forward and got a ball squared to me about 30 out and I slotted it home. Ran past Harps and corrected him that it was now 4-3 to me. I won, but unfortunately Jake Allen smacked a bloke and got sent off, so we lost by a couple of goals.