Life Members


Life membership provides the Football Club with an opportunity to recognise, and thank, those members who have gone ‘beyond the call of duty’ in their capacity of Player, Committee or Supporter over a sustained period of time. Each and every one of the following people have willingly given a significant part of their life for their love of the sport, ‘The Club’ and the comradeship that clubs such as ours provide.

Life Members
B. Christensen M.T. Dunn C.H. Lyons M. Farrell A.J. Bennett N. Pastras
C.J. Spencer B.J. McGannon J.P. Kelly G. Anstis A.R. Kennedy M. Phillips
F. Lyons B. Sanders N.L. Kirby C. Riley P.J. Marshall
G.D. Ridgway W.K. Findlay W.C. Tuckey S.M. Duke M.R. Sweeney
P.K. Treleaven Mrs. B. Jackson H.E. Birkenfelds P.R. Boyle N.G. Walsh
J.A. Bloom W.E. Jackson S.F. May B.P. Curthoys Mrs. T. Duke
J.M. Woodman B.D. Robertson P.L. Harper P.A. Shoppee P. Knight
J.A. Penhale R. McNamara K.F. Wescott Mrs. L. Brain P. Heyes
G.J. Holt N.G. Pearson T.J. Brain Mrs. N. Sweeney
F.R Peake A.D. Heaney M. Szeitz P. Smith