Season Review – 2018 Netball

Netball Manager Dearne Kinsella reviews how the girls went this year…

What went well

  • Tuesday night team – the ladies really started to gel well half way through the season. Moving the ball well down the court and bringing an invigorated level of energy, contesting every loose ball. The pinnacle was winning the Division 3 Premiership which was definitely in part due to some off the court bonding at a winery tour but also some consistently good performers across the court. We have a good set of versatile players that can play in different positions when called upon – particularly Nat Quick and Kate Mackie who play exceptionally well all over the court.
  • Wednesday night team – after meeting for the first time at our first training sessions together – we knew we would have an enthusiastic bunch. The ladies were involved and supported the club on and off the court. We quickly established strong shooting, defence and mid court combinations. We continued to work on our movement on the ball over several training sessions across the season. Making it to finals after just a season together is testament to the ladies dedication each week.


What didn’t work

  • For both teams we need to work on getting some set plays so that we can rely on each other a bit more in certain situations.
  • Passing always needs to be harder, faster and more in front of their defence.
  • Versatility across the court is important and we will work on this in the coming season so we don’t need to rely on a few key players to be there to perform well.



  • Socially the winery tour was a real highlight. Sharing laughs, getting to know each other better off the court and of course enjoying fine wine really went a long way for the performance on the court. Bringing both teams together really helped with fill ins week to week as well.
  • Obviously the Premiership! The winery tour was the turning point of the season for the Tuesday girls, going undefeated for the second half of the season to take out the premiership was outstanding.
  • Making finals for Wednesday night – as mentioned above most teams playing together for the first time often take a few seasons to gel, but we really came together mainly due to the ladies commitment and enthusiasm each week. It was also so nice to see the laughs on the court from game one.
  • Getting to know a new group of ladies socially at the club’s events and at the canteen was a real highlight. Many knew each other from work beforehand and are now even closer friends after having fun on and off the court. From fancy dress at the launch night, to laughs at the trivia, dancefloor fun at the auction night and cupcake scoffing at Ladies Day – this year had a little for everyone.


  • Injuries – we had a few of our amazing fill ins get badly injured this season. They are the legends who help us out when the team is away or can’t make games and its really unfortunate when we have to carry them off court.

Funny moments

  • Canteen – the amount of laughs would be immeasurable – we tried new equipment, we melted that equipment in the hotdog cooker (Cate…), we implemented little process improvements, we tried new products like popcorn and soup (still dumbfounded as to why it wasn’t a top-seller!). Then there was the gossip and personal catch ups behind the counter – canteen crew for life!
  • Social events – filming for the auction night (Falcons Burning Questions) was great fun, the ladies really enjoy being a part of the club comradery

What stood out

  • Helping each other out – the support the ladies showed this year with organising players, canteen and social events was a huge stand out – particularly Lucy (who always stands in and steps up at any opportunity), Cate and Ellie who undoubtedly are the enthusiasm that keeps us going each week, and to Bec and Tahlia who continue to put their hand up to assist.

Women’s footy

  • There is a lot of excitement building and already some great friendships forming. Kicking it off (pun intended) with the first training session the ladies can’t wait to get back out there for another kick. Socially there has been team dinners, coffee meetings, ladies day madness to get the ideas flowing and plenty more to come over the next few months. Next year’s season is shaping up to be a promising one and we all can’t wait, with new players joining the group weekly. Momentum is well and truly building. Bring on some summer winery tours and AFL 9’s fun times.

Can’t wait to win more Falcon premierships!!