Women’s Footy FAQs

Thinking of joining? We welcome all skill levels! Read more below…

  1. What days and times will the games be? What days do you train?

Game fixtures are yet to be confirmed by the VAFA, most likely Saturday mornings. 2018 preseason training sessions will be run weekly every Monday night at Oval 20 Albert Park and in the new year training will occur twice a week (nights TBC).

  1. How much will it cost?

For the inaugural team, 2019 season fees will be at a discounted rate of $300 per player

  1. Do I need to have played before? What level of experience and fitness do I need?

No experience necessary, if you are interested we welcome you to come down and give it a go. There are many who are trying it for the first time, others that have played before and some seeking to learn a new skill.

  1. What do we wear?

For preseason training your usual active wear and sneakers are suitable. Next year we will discuss further the boots required and providing Falcons uniforms and apparel.

  1. When does the season start? How long does it go for?

The season will start in April 2019, the specific dates are yet to be confirmed by the VAFA. We will know by early 2019. The season will run up until July, with finals in August 2019.

  1. What is the club culture like?

The Albert Park Falcons is a club with a rich history and a very exciting future. Each year the social calendar is packed with formal and casual events. The club’s combination of the 2 men’s footy teams, 2 women’s netball teams and the Masters means there is a little for everyone socially. We are a club that is fortunate enough to have great facilities and lasting friendships on and off the field. Everyone at the club is incredibly excited for the opportunity the women’s footy team will bring to our club.

  1. What does the club provide for injury management?

The club will provide a Trainer who will run injury prevention sessions and injury prevention techniques. The Trainer will also be present during all games should they be required.

Please contact Dee Kinsella if you’re interested!

0476 043 329